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Digital X-Rays

We take our X-Rays with the newest digital technology.  This new technology has three huge advantages over traditional film based X-Rays.  One, the patient receives 75% less radiation compared to conventional dental x-rays, and the need for toxic chemicals is eliminated, causing less harm to the environment.  Second, much less time is required to complete the x-rays. Finally, digital images can be enhanced to find cavities that are too small to see on conventional dental x-rays. Less radiation, no chemicals, less time involved for you, and potentially earlier diagnosis for more conservative treatment options.  

Sedation Dentistry

If fear of undergoing dental work is preventing you from receiving the treatment you need, consider sedation dentistry.  Sedation dentistry allows patients to receive dental work in the most comfortable, relaxing way possible – free of pain and anxiety.  Dr. Razzano will provide you with a small pill to take one hour prior to your appointment.  After taking the pill, you will come to our office, accompanied by a friend or family member.  By the time you arrive, you will be very sleepy and relaxed.  Our dental staff will escort you to a treatment room where we will make you comfortable and place you on a monitoring device to check your vital signs.  As you relax, we will carefully complete all necessary dental work.  Once we are finished, your companion will drive you home.  When you regain full consciousness, you will have little to no memory of undergoing dental procedures.

Porcelain Veneers

We can give you “Smile Makeovers” in as little as two visits.  If you have misshapen teeth, unsightly gaps, or deep discoloration, our porcelain veneers, may be the answer. 

Veneers are thin porcelain coverings that fit over and are bonded to your teeth.  They look natural and are made from the most advanced dental ceramic available.

Natural Looking Porcelin Crowns

Porcelain crowns completely cover and protect teeth that have had extensive damage.  They restore and improve the appearance of your teeth by hiding misalignments, cracks, discoloration, or other imperfections.  Porcelain crowns look completely natural and offer extra support to teeth that are weak or damaged.  They can also vastly improve the overall appearance of your smile and make your teeth much more durable.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatment

The cause of most tooth loss is not decay.  It’s gum disease.  Recent studies have established a link between gum disease and heart disease. 

The good news is that gum disease can be treated successfully, often without surgery.

We want all of our patients to have outstanding oral health.  Our commitment to them includes paying meticulous attention to all of their needs so they can look their best and have optimum oral health.

Non-Slipping Dentures

If you are tired of slipping dentures, we can design and fit natural looking dentures that won’t slip! This breakthrough involves anchoring the denture plate so securely that you no longer have to worry about the foods you eat or be concerned that your dentures might shift or slip.  If you are a denture wearer, be sure to ask us about this. It can make your life so much easier.


No mercury!  No metals!  No kidding!

For years silver-mercury amalgam was the standard filling material used in dental practices, and many practices still use it.  While they are a reasonable restoration, amalgams have certain shortcomings.  Metal does not bond well to teeth so decay can and does eventually leak into the tooth.  Also, if there is decay present underneath a metal filling, it’s very hard for the dentist to see it as the metal blocks the x-ray.  But the biggest reason many of our patients are choosing the white bonded fillings has to do with appearance.  We are pleased to offer you modern, state-of-the-art restorations that are a natural looking white, contain no metals and can actually strengthen your teeth.  They also bond very tightly with the healthy part of the tooth, so there is much less chance of decay build-up in the future.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

In order to avoid a more painful or more complicated extraction that might have to be a few years later, Dr. Razzano can give you a recommendation as to whether your wisdom teeth should be extracted before problems develop.  This preventive process, can avoid a more painful or more complicated extraction at a later date. 

Before your wisdom tooth is extracted, the tooth and the surrounding tissue is numbed with a local anesthetic – the same injection with the same medication you would receive to numb a tooth prior to having a cavity filled.  In addition to the local anesthetic to numb the pain, we might decide that a sedative is desired to control your anxiety. 

Root Canal Therapy

Once upon a time, if you had a tooth with a diseased nerve, you'd probably lose that tooth.  Today, with a special dental procedure called a root canal therapy you may save that tooth.  Inside each tooth is the pulp which provides nutrients and nerves to the tooth, it runs like a thread down through the root.  When the pulp is diseased or injured, the pulp tissue dies.  If you don't remove it, your tooth gets infected and you could lose it.  After the dentist removes the pulp, the root canal is cleaned and sealed off to protect it.  Then your dentist places a crown over the tooth to help make it stronger.  Most of the time, a root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to three visits.  Best of all, it can save your tooth and your smile!

Children's Exams

Dr. Razzano has extensive experience treating children in a kind and gentle way.  One of our goals is to make sure that this and future generations of children grow up WITHOUT a fear of the dental office. 



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